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Our Park Animals

These are just a few of the Animals at TigerSafari: Click the pictures and names to view more animal information.

Species: Fennec Foxes
Name: Radar / Sonar

Distribution: They are found in the Sahara Desert as well as other pars of north Africa

Species: Ferret
Name: *

Distribution: The common ferret has been domesticated for so long that they can no longer survive in the wild.

Species: Goat
Name: Suzie
Species: Golden Tabby Tiger
Name: Rajhi

Distribution: A color variation of the Bengal Tiger this tiger once romed throughout India, but unfortunatly none are known to live in the wild now.

Species: Green Wing Macaw
Name: *

Distribution: The Green-winged Macaw's natural habitat runs from eastern Panama in Central America south across northern South America, east of the Andes, to Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

Species: Grizzly Bear
Name: Koda

Distribution: Grizzlies are a North-American subspecies of the grizzly bear found primarily in Canada and Alaska

Species: Harlequin Macaw
Name: Ono & Tally Ray

Distribution: Central and South America

Species: Iguana
Name: Iggy

Distribution: Coming Soon

Species: Kinkajou
Name: Yoda

Distribution: Kinkajous live in the tropical forests of Central and South America.

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Tiger Safari Hours & Prices!


               Operating Hours Open Everyday During Spring break

        Monday  - Sunday 9am to 5:30 pm

        Your VIP Tour awaits request upon arrival - Space limited.

Special Pricing for School field trips, Churches, Day-Cares, and Nursing Homes! For pricing and booking call:

Now Booking for School Field Trips

  • General Admission
  • Adults - $12.00
  • Children - $10.00
  • Children under 2  FREE
  • Admisson with feeding stations -$20.00 Adults $18.00 Kids under 12
  • Military Discount $2 off general admission& $5 off VIP!
  • VIP ($35.00) Includes  interaction with Kinkajou or Baby Lemur ,Fennic Fox   ,Python animals rotate daily we pick Three animals
  • Birthday Parties indoor and out Makes for a great Day
  • Overnight Stays
  • African Safari Hut
  • Jungle Safari Tree House
  • Primitive Camping
  • Safari Slumber Parties up to Thirty Guests VIP Tours and Much Much More!
  • School Field Trip Group Rates
  • $8.00 - Groups of 20 or more - kids
  • $9.00 - Groups less than 20 - kids
  • $10.00 - For Adults

Park Director: Bill Meadows
963 County St. 2930
Tuttle, Oklahoma 73089

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