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Latest news! Tiger Safari is dedicated to keep you up to date on what is going on at the park. We are growing fast! If you have not been to the park in a few months, come back to see what we have done!

Latest News:
posted on 11/1/2007 Intern Quarters Completed! Intern Quarters Completed! Three bedrooms are now complete for spring and summer intern program. All inquireries of interest in the intern program may either be faxed to 405-381-3291 or emailed to parkdirector@tigersafariorg.com
posted on 11/1/2007 bear_cage1.jpg Smokey the Bear's cage Smokey the Bear's cage is now built. Veterinarian J.T. Walker along with park staff and volunteers moved Smokey into his new cage last Sunday. In the upcoming months Smokey's 10,000 square foot cage will have a water fall pool/shade pavillion and a pavillion built for public viewing in front of the cage. The front of the cage will be fully glassed for closer viewing and hosting Smokey's Den Birthday parties.
posted on 11/1/2007 educational_building.jpg Educational Building Update Logging of the 3300 square foot Educational building and building of the fire places for the gift shop and bed and breakfast have begun. Tiger Safari's educational facility will consist of a large gift shop, education center, and bathrooms complete with showers and a two story african style bed and breakfast. The building project hoping to be completed in the spring of 2008 will host not only our Tiger Safari Kids Camp but company picnics/meetings and hosting the upcoming Feline Conservation Federation Husbandry Course. Reservations for the Tiger Safari African Safari Tree House will be accepted begining Feburary 1, 2008. Bed and Breakfast will consist of a one bedroom, a loft bedroom, with a fire place, a large deck with a hot tub over looking the tigers and lions. Enjoy a romantic evening while listening to the lions roar. Ammenities include plasma tv, wifi internet, and our ten head cave shower.
posted on 9/11/2007 billboard.2JPG.jpg Tigersafari's New Billboard Tigersafari's New Billboard is located directly across from the Oklahoma City Community Collage on Interstate 44 westbound, featuring Kyndal, Bill's granddaughter.Come see many of the new animals from 2007!
posted on 9/8/2007 Wood Group Company Picnic Tiger Safari would like to extend a warm welcome to the Wood Group Company annual picnic. Many events are planned which enclude, pony rides, hay rides, horse shoes, volley ball, inflatables, tug-a-war, bon-fire, and so much more. Approximtly five hundred people are expected to attend, don't forget your camera. All feeding stations will be made available, including our tortoius riding.
posted on 6/27/2007 Baby_deer.jpg New Addition! Fireball and Clorice are proud parents today! At 1:30 PM on Wednesday YMCA guest and Park staff watched our new addition come into the world. Baby and Mother are doing fine. We will find out the sex of the baby in a few days.
posted on 6/14/2007 ringtail.jpg New Addition: Baby Lemur New Addition: Baby Ringtailed Lemur just arrived at Tigersafari! Come out this weekend and hold "Zazoo" our five week old baby. Don't forget your camera!
posted on 5/22/2007 Day 10: South Africa - Last Day! Africa Day 10 Sam and Amy! And now for the report that most of you care about. We were all ready for an early breakfast.  As we sat around twiddling our thumbs waiting over an hour to be served, we realized that Annie the Chef had pulled a prank on all of us by telling us that breakfast would be ready by promptly at seven.  She then served us at 8 o’clock with a big cheesy grin on her face.  Why are you here so early? she asked.  If only we had time to get her back.  We are going to miss Annie’s cooking.  Before breakfast, Cameron and Ryan tried to get revenge on Sam and Amy for the bell incident yesterday.  They came to Sam and Amy’s room early and began ringing the bell non-stop to get them out of bed.  Sam was at the other side of the room so he had the best view of Amy leaping from her bed, landing in front of the door, slinging the door open and threatening them with their lives.  Sam then saw the two boys running down the hall as fast as their legs would carry them.  By the way Joe, Kurt wanted you to know that there is still a bat in your hut!  Kurt decided he was too tired to chase the bat out of the hut, so he let his new roommate stay all night. We loaded into the van with Estelle driving and Ilsa riding shot gun.  They took us into town and showed us the sites.  We hit several shopping places, art stores, antique stores and even took time to run into the liquor store.  Sam saw all kinds of goodies there.  Kurt found a beautiful South African cream box set with leopard spots on the bottle and two leopard glasses.  When we stopped for gas, we had a little chuckle over Ilsa’s (lack of) driving skills.  If she reads this, we are going to be in trouble tomorrow! We stopped at the Plum Tree to have lunch and we learned that Estelle is very popular and knows everybody in town.  So many people came to chat with her.  It was like eating with a celebrity.  Pieter joined us and the food was delicious.  We had to get preparations ready for the BBQ (which in South Africa is called a brie’) that will accompany the BIG RUGBY semi final matches this afternoon.  For those of you not in the know, this is the first time in history that TWO South African rugby teams have made it to the semi finals.  We were informed that this part of the country would completely shut down at 3 o’clock so everyone can watch the games.  We saw many cars driving with either Shark or Bulls flags waving showing team spirit.  Speaking of Rugby, we went by the home of the biggest Rugby fan we know: our first bus driver Dix.  For anyone following this story, Dix was injured after dropping us off from our trip to the Lion Park.  The bus rolled, with Dix inside, and he broke his left wrist.  A surgery and several metal plates later, he was no longer able to drive us around.  He seemed to be in good spirits and was looking forward to both Rugby games this afternoon.  He showed us around his house and took us to his hut that he built himself.  We’re sure the other group agrees that we hope Dix has a speedy recovery and that both of his teams WIN.  Dix's wish came half true when the South African Sharks won their game.  Rugby is an extremely physical sport and is very exciting to watch.  We Americans caught on to the rules quickly and were out of our seats cheering for most of the game.  We hooped, hollered and yee-hawed at the Sharks final try (try = touchdown for you Americans).  In between games, it was time to relocate the Cobra.  All the boys loaded up in Pieter's truck and drove to the far side of the Savannah.  As we let the snake go, he stopped and posed for pictures one last time before slithering off into the bush.  Ryan's eyes were wide as we said goodbye to the snake. By the time the boys got back, the South African Bulls had already started playing. We gorged ourselves on snacks prepared by Estelle.  We learned intricate details of the game strategy from Pieter.  After a very exciting eighty minutes, the South African Bulls won!  The historic semi-finals have made way for a historic super bowl style clash.  For the first time ever BOTH teams playing are from South Africa. So no matter who wins, the title comes home to South Africa.  Dix's wish was fully manifested.  Next week, by the way, Dix will be cheering for the Bulls. We then had to celebrate the boy's victories with a delicious brie.  I think Pieter and Estelle forgot that most of our group had left the Savannah, because they cooked enough food to feed an army.  We ate until our bellies were bloated and our eyelids were heavy.  Man the food was good. This ending of our trip could not have been any better.  We've watched animals and animal behaviour, and now we got to see people and people behaviour in South Africa.  We are really going to miss this place.  This was definately the trip of a life time.  Thank you Pieter and Estelle for having us.  Thank you Tiger Safari for such a great time.
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