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'Zoo to You' -- The Largest Selection of Animals for Parties in the State of Oklahoma!

What would your group say if WE brought an Baby Tiger,  Baby African Lion, Baby Siberian Lynx  Fennec Fox, Baby Lemur, Black and White Ruffed Lemur Or Anaconda   to your next school, church or civic event? Tiger Safari has the largest selection of domestic and exotic animals for parties in the State of Oklahoma! JackHanna.JPG

What if you could have a program that was both entertaining and educational - and featured some of the "coolest animals" you can imagine                       Bill and Jungle Jack Hanna

What if that program not only geared for the young but for the old as well? Well look no further! Tiger Safari 'Zoo to You' Ambassadors are here to serve you! Check out our programs below!

Pricing and Information     

                                                                                    Bill and Jungle Jack Hanna

  • Prices for private Home Birthday Parties are $230.00 weekdays and $280.00 weekends per hour. We bring 6-8 animals
  • School and Churches are charged $230.00 weekdays and $280 weekends, per hour. We bring 8-10 animals. 
  • Fuel Charge is $1.00 per mile round trip after 45 miles
  • Parties booked for after 4 pm will be charged an extra fee of $75 per hour for after hours
  • See for Yourself why we've been voted top Three Destinations for Children in the State of Oklahoma 

Booking up fast! Call: 405-414-9365

...and the best part is...


'Zoo to You' is the traveling education program that visits you on your schedule!

'Zoo to You' is a traveling, educational program that visits Private Birthday Parties, Schools, Libraries, Community centers, Senior centers/facilities, Day care centers, Scout groups, you name it! Our goal is to educate the public about the animal kingdom that we all share, and to offers kids and adults alike the opportunity to get hands on education. Each program includes live animals such as Lemurs ,Otters, Cubs, Tropical Birds, Reptiles, Invertebrates, and more! All 'Zoo to You' programs are presented by professional zoo educators who are trained to handle the animals they bring to your party. They are educated on bio-facts regarding each animal, including the endangered status of each.

Q & A about our 'Zoo to You' program:

  • What exactly does your 'Zoo to You' teach it's participants?

'Zoo to You' offers programs on a variety of topics. Sample subject areas include adaptations, habitats and endangered species. Our programs are designed for specified age groups and grades according to the National Learning Standards. We have programs available for ages three through adult. ' Zoo to You' is suitable for children of all ages. Please see our list for specific program details at bottom. Also, please note that most program themes can be adapted to suit both older and younger aged students. We can also design a program to your specific topic needs or on subject matter not included on our curriculum list. Simply mention your request when you reserve your 'Zoo to You' program and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • How many individuals are allowed attend a 'Zoo to You' program?

Programs are designed to foster hands-on, interactive learning. To facilitate this, we recommend that you reserve small group programs (fewer than 30 participants) for your group. We are happy to conduct consecutive programs for several small groups as well. If your group's schedule requires one large group, auditorium style presentation, we offer those also. If you are planning a group visit our park, we can conduct your 'Zoo to You' program right here in our classrooms!

We offer Booth Programs for your Large Events!

This is a new type of program that 'Zoo to You' can do for your organization! It involves bringing 10 or more animals to an exhibit table at your event. We will also bring bio-facts and can present a full 'Zoo to You' program as well!


For questions or to reserve your 'Zoo to You' Program:
Contact Bill Meadows 405-414-9365

In accordance with the mission of the Tiger Safari, a main goal of the 'Zoo to You' program is to increase awareness of the animal kingdom, and encourage program participants to be environmentally conscious. All programs are created for the designated age groups, and the content is aligned with the Oklahoma State Learning Standards. However, most programs can be adapted for any variety of age groups.

As always, if you have a special topic in mind, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs!

Tiger Safari Hours & Prices!


                                    Operating Hours  

        Tuesday  - Sunday 9am to 5:30 pm

        Your VIP Tour awaits request upon arrival - Space limited.

Special Pricing for School field trips, Churches, Day-Cares, and Nursing Homes! For pricing and booking call:

Now Booking for School Field Trips

  • General Admission
  • $15 general admission 
  • Children under 2  FREE 
  • Military Discount $2 off general admission& $5 off VIP!
  • VIP ($35.00) Includes  interaction with animals 
  • Birthday Parties indoor and out Makes for a great Day
  • Overnight Stays
  • African Safari Hut
  • Jungle Safari Tree House
  • Primitive Camping
  • Safari Slumber Parties up to Thirty Guests VIP Tours and Much Much More!
  • School Field Trip Group Rates
  • $8.00 - Groups of 20 or more - kids
  • $10.00 - Groups less than 20 - kids
  • $10.00 - For Adults

Park Director: Bill Meadows
963 County St. 2930
Tuttle, Oklahoma 73089